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    OpenCD : News

    Taking into account the huge difference in video of Resources and music resources, combined with the results of the last survey, the management group decided to split management of video resources, notice of the matter as follows:

    1, was established OpenMV, to enable independent domain name , will focus on the music video class resource sharing

    2, has ended 2012 12, 30, 20 point Member and video resource data, all injected into OpenMV

    3, starting from January 1, 2013, OpenCD will retain only pure music resources, and will no longer allow the release of the video class resources

    4, starting from the New Year's Day, two systems independently run independently of each other the; OpenMV will send an invitation to all Member on New Year's Day; the existing OpenCD a member of the management group, in OpenMV appropriate given the limited VIP treatment

    5, it is recommended to the client to do the kinds of video resources the Tracker Address, modified by for, or in the red species after modify

    6, OpenMV test run in a variety of configurations cf OpenCD, and will continue to combine the characteristics of video resources to improve, Welcome welcome to provide advice

    7, If you are interested in the management of video resources, please PM drift OpenCD or OpenMV

    8, If you have any other comments or suggestions, please PM drift

    9, other matters, the management group will notice

    OpenCD Management Group
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