PT's essence, have to pay for returns. Small portion of luck always attempted cheating to obtain the upload amount evade paying, CHDBits management group has repeatedly reiterated that cheating is zero tolerance.

The past few months, the group found that a small number of people to use cheat software flow cheating because cheating software bug caused abnormal completion of a number of the same seed, a seed reached within a very short time to complete a few hundreds, or even thousands of times, members often see a seed completion of a number of up to tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands is thanks to these people the gift. These people cheating not only undermine the principle of PT's share, at the same time within a short time completed a number of unusual and adverse impact on the normal operation of the server.

Management Group in order to avoid the above cheating behavior of the software to upload and download a track record, some time ago proposed members utorrent upgrade, according to the results of a recent track record of cheating Member recent account disabled a tremendous blow to the arrogance of cheating members.

These days, a small number of banned member claimed, is caused because of the use of a version of nas built-utorrent2.2.1 completed a number of anomalies is disabled, and the management group is currently normal proceed with the investigation, but the solution to the problem requires nas equipment manufacturers with nas representations in site ban users, please contact your equipment supplier to resolve this issue fundamentally.

Meanwhile, the management group is again recommended that the Members of utorrent update to a newer version according to their actual situation, users still using utorrent2.2.1 If your software version number (for example: 25302, in the PT personal page or seed download list view) is less than 10000, please immediately stop using the software update, please Member Xianghuzhuangao.

CHDBits Management Group
December 31, 2012