ALL Torrents Site-Wide will be Freeleech for the next 48 hours - from now until 11:59pm (GMT) Jan 1st. 2013. (That's 24hours before and 24 hours after the New Year)

This will likely be the last full FREELeech on every single torrent on the site, period... So take advantage of the FREELeech while it's still here. The new year will see improvements (mostly behind the scenes) to the site software that will include the possibility for NeutralLeech periods along with single torrent Free/Neutral-leech credits that each member will be able to decide when and where to use on their own.

As we look forward to the new year, and working towards completing our 8th year online as a community PLEASE take the time to thank an UPLOADER.... Without them this site and the quality content available could not possibly exist.... Just check your favorite show or a recent movie you particularly enjoyed and send a PM thanking the uploader listed.... They put in far to much time and effort for me to be able to adequately thank them myself.

************************************************** **********
As part of the 48 hour FREELeech, the Donor membership promotion from last month will be re-instated... but only for the next 48 hours.

6 Month Donor Membership + a Ratio increase of 0.10 for donations $54 or greater, Thats 10% off the normal $10/month cost.

12 Month Donor Membership + a Ratio increase of 0.25 for donations $96 or greater, Thats 20% off the normal $10/month cost.

*** If you already have a Donor Membership the 6 or 12 months will be added to your existing membership period, along with the ratio bonus.

---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------

So if your current ratio is .20 and you Donate for 12 months you ratio will be automatically increased by 0.25 (0.20 + 0.25 = 0.45 New Ratio)