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    Torrent VPN

    So how many of you use VPN for torrenting ? Is it worth it ? Many providers claim that they do not keep logs or leak your IP address but the question is how many live up to what they say? I have been reading upon best vpn services and found some good insights! I want all of you to share your experience of using a VPN to download torrents as I have been downloading lots of movies and games hence now need a VPN!!!

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    I've tried a few VPNs including Private Internet Access (PIA), but i didn't like how it slowed the speed of my torrents down. I instead decided to purchase a seedbox for all my torrenting needs and I use FileZilla to transfer files from the seedbox to my PC

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    I havent use one yet which one is recommeded by TiZ members

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    check this link some vpns that have been verified and proven for no logging.

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