HDChina invitation system will be opened on May 19, 2018, site-wide freeleech will be issued at the same time. Invitation system will remain open until May 19, 2018. (All invitation link will only valid for an hour).

You are not allowed to exchange invitation with another user, register multiple accounts for same person.

Trading is strictly prohibited.

Please only send the invitations to people you familiar with, DO NOT invite people who violated rules(such as cheating and trading etc.) in HDChina, otherwise, you and your invitees' account will result in ban with no mercy.

Tips: when you see the system saying "The email have already been used." when you trying to send out an invitation to your "friend," you should stop sending the invitation to this person immediately because your "friend" is very likely violated rules in the past time.

Notice that ALL the invitees will be reviewed by our staff and failure to respond messages from staff within 24 hours will lose their account.

====HDChina Staff====