Here we are again!

Hello guys!

We're here to tell you what happened to the site in the last hours. We had a problem with one of our servers and at the time of restoring the most recent backup, we detected a file crash and unfortunately it was only possible to restore the backup from 05/29. This means that what was done on the website between 29/05 and 06/06 was lost, but rest assured that we are focused on counting invitations, donations, and postings. Nobody will be harmed by this, just ask a little patience because it will take a few days until we get the house in order.

And we also need everyone's help, the torrents posted on the site after 29/05 will have error status in the torrent client, but please do not delete them! What we have to do is relaunch these files on the site and provided you have permission to upload (read the Help section), you can do this.

We also decided to change the domain of the site, old torrents will still work but new ones will already bring the new domain into the announce URL.
We encourage everyone to change the old torrents to the new domain, but anyway, there's no need to do that right now.

In order to gather all information, we have opened a topic for you to report any errors found, as there may be some bugs or slowness in this period and we need you to inform us if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

If you need to contact us about donations or any other reason, please send us an email to [email protected], [email protected]

We apologize for the incident and appreciate the understanding and help from everyone.

Long live the BJ!

The new address is: Code: