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Thread: BeyondHD : News

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    BeyondHD : News

    Hey all!

    I know I'm early but in light of all the festivities that are and will take place later on, I thought it might be a good idea to get this out allready.

    This year has been a good year. It had the usual ups and downs but overall it has been fun and productive. We got tons of new members and dispite the fact we're not a monster tracker, we managed to build up a solid and nice community. We therefore would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and especially those who helped out keeping the site alive. I know times are hard for some people and still a lot of you managed to chip in a few bucks to help keep the servers going and to make room for expantion. I am therefore glad to announce that we are working very hard behind the scenes to build a new site. One with some nice extra features and above all, one that runs more stable.

    I would personally like to thank all of our loyal staff. I'm very busy lately and you guys managed to keep the site going without hasstle. Although this is just a hobby, I am very happy how serious you take this site. Even our newcommers jumped in like they never did something else. You all are an awesome bunch of people!

    Last but not least, some encoders went and about a week ago, a few came to the rescue. And what a good job they already did so far! A very warm and well deserved welcome to our new encoders and remuxers!

    So to all of you, we like to with you a very happy new year. Good health and all you want. Expecially a lot of HD and other goods! May we make next year even better then this one!

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