The Summer of Aphrodite - Part 3:

To honour Apollo, our beloved god of music, we thought it would be nice to do something unique, an art contest!

The Contest:

In this contest, you can create art about the god Apollo, our tracker, or anything closely related to it. Of course, art has many forms, and all forms of art will be accepted in this contest. (for example: drawings, paintings, sculptures, animations, poems, or music) All submissions should be posted in this thread. The contest starts at the time of this post, and ends on sunday, july 29th, 23:59 (site time). Once the contest has ended, the Staff will pick the top-3, which will be announced a week later.

The Rules:

Multiple submissions per user are allowed, but each user can only win one prize. (This means if you submit 3 pieces of art, we will pick the best of these 3, and that one will compete for the prizes.)
Be respectful with the art you make. Please do not insult any users or staff.
If you have to upload an image, please use a secure image host that supports SSL, such as Imgur or PTPimg. Please put a piece of paper with your username next to your piece of art, to prove that you actually made it.
If you have to upload a video, please upload it to YouTube. We strongly recommend not to use your personal YouTube/Google account, for your privacy and security.
Plagiarism of any kind will not be accepted.

The Prizes:

Each user in the top-3 will receive a FL pick, +v in #APOLLO on our IRC network, and their work of art will be posted on the front page.
In addition to that, the winner will receive 75.000 Bonus Points, the runner up will receive 50.000 Bonus Points, and #3 will receive 25.000 Bonus Points.