Site Updates & Features

July 09th 2018
Film Lookup on Request page for easier Autofill

July 04th 2018
Film Lookup added to Upload page for easier Autofill

July 02nd 2018
Scene Releases are Auto selected at upload time

July 01st 2018
Latest forum topics added to top of Index page

June 30th 2018
New Top 10 layout design

June 28h 2018
YouTube Trailer is auto filled at upload time

June 26th 2018
People Notifications

June 23rd 2018
Refresh Button for Ratings

May 20th 2018:
Person TMDb scrape has been added via Edit of person, it will autofill various info such as in example below
Jack Black

May 12th 2018
Movie of the Week added to Index page
IMDb auto rating scrape & autofill for edit group

May 11th 2018
TMDb & IMDb links and ratings added to Browse page

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