In one match, I had no weapons at FIFA Mobile Coins all and just drove around for many minutes, running over a few people, and still managed to enter top 20. This can make the game feel dull occasionally, especially in the beginning when the map is huge and you also do not see someone for many minutes depending upon where you landed. Still, if you manage to make into the top 10, things do become considerably more exciting, since you start hearing gun fire and understand folks are shutting in.

1 issue using the mobile version is it can be somewhat hard to see enemies on the phone's screen. That thing in the space may be an enemy pointing their sniper rifle in you or just a harmless plant. Half the time you do not even notice enemies till they are inside shotgun shooting space of you.

Another problem with the mobile variant is the fact that it has robots. The first couple of games you play will be populated mostly with bots. It's very likely that they've been added here to ease the player into the controllers. Regrettably, it does make things a bit too easy, since the robots are quite easy to kill even with all the touchscreen controls and you wind up being the last person standing so frequently you almost get bored of it. Eventually, the game begins balancing the games with more participant to bot ratio.

Fifa coins doesn't have official support for controls yet but some folks have been able to FUT 19 Coins get them functioning, in addition to even mouse and keyboard (it's not a as simple as plugging in through USB). That is, by definition, cheating and before the programmers find a way to prevent it you might find yourself occasionally being taken by people with suspiciously good goal.