Jan-03-13 - I would like to welcome former Bitgamer members!

- (regs) I would like to take the time to welcome former Bitgamer Members on behalf of the staff here and the BCG community. It is sad to see such a popular and highly respected site close but I hope you come to think of BCG as a home for your gaming torrenting needs.

Since bitgamer has closed down I have open signups for the site to allow all Bitgamer refugees to register here at BCG. On top of that all new members will also receive a 50GB upload bonus added to their stats just for joining. I had planned to have site wide recycled torrents, but due to the nature of recycled torrents the browse pages throws a fit when I do this. I appologize for some of the errors that have been thrown at you lately on the browse page because of this. Since I cant at this time make every torrent recycled, I have made the following categories recycled and therefore freeleech (once SP is met) until I say otherwise.

Xbox 360

and by mistake but its been done nonetheless, Mac.

If for whatever reason a larger torrent that you want to download isnt in the list of categories I just mentioned for freeleech...feel free to PM me on site directly with the torrent link and I will recycle it for you.

Also on top of what I just mentioned I also created a new forum for bitgamer members located here:


Feel free to catch up or ask questions of any kind or even talk about the old days on bitgamer lol. Enjoy.

Again I appologize for some of the slow load times (our servers have been getting hammered) and some of the errors you have been seeing while browsing torrents.

I wish everyone here, old and new alike, a great new year and happy gaming!!