How does selling work?

It's simple, first you tell me what you want to purchase:
Make it clear and simple, for example you want to buy,, and

You PM me with the following message:


I want to buy the following: (here you specify what you want, invite or account only, or will accept anything) you specify what you want, invite or account only, or will accept anything) you specify what you want, invite or account only, or will accept anything)

My e-mail for sending invites is :

I can pay with : Bitcoin (or paypal, or whatever you want to pay with)

Information on paypal payments: You must send as gift/family or friends and not write anything in transaction details.
You must not open paypal disputes, if you want your money back just let me know, and I'll refund it asap.

I give lifetime warranty, in case your account stops working, contact me to replace or refund your money.

Other important things you should be aware of:
Preferably don't change the e-mail/passwords of the accounts. This can get your account banned on most trackers due to their security.
Preferably don't send invites from the account I gave you, it can get it disabled.

Things you should be aware before buying from me:
I do not provide the e-mails for the accounts. If you ask about e-mail you will probably get banned/warned.
I do not do trades. If you tell me about trades the chances are you will get banned/warned.
I do not provide proof of any sort of having anything such as screenshot. If you ask me this you will get banned/warned.

Important factor : If you contacted me that you're interested in buying something, and you fail to pay or refuse to buy after talking with me there are high risks of getting yourself banned for wasting my time.

So, I prefer you don't waste my time, and yours. Just buy if you are really interested.

Thanks for understanding. Now feel free to follow all these things, or be banned on

Being here and buying from me is a privillege, not a right. I reserve the right to refuse any deal/and or ban you at any time for wasting my time.
My prices are at the utmost cheapness, I cannot sell cheaper than that, I don't care how many invites/accounts you buy. Everything is 2$ each.

Information on buffer: Everything that is buffered means it has 1 TB more upload than download usually, but it can be higher such as 5 TB or 15 TB or 100 TB, I will always give the highest I can give.