We, The Staff, have decided to make you, the users, the first offer of 2013.

We have noticed that alot of people have VERY bad ratios, and we would really
like to help you with this.

What we would like to offer you, is that you can have your ratio reset to 1.00 ratio.
This means you will keep your uploaded amount, but your downloaded amount, will
be set equal to the uploaded. This will give you a 1.00 ratio again.

Included in this offer, is ofcourse the usual ViP perks like no hit'n'run warnings, fear
of getting disabled for low ratio etc.

All you have to do, is to donate one months ViP (10 euros) which can be done through

the donation page.

The donations, as always, will go towards help keeping the site alive, and it will be worth it,
because with new "old" developers and staff aboard, we will be working on bringing you
alot of new stuff in the future. We have many good things planned. But besides that, it
will also be a good opportunity for you, dear users, to get back on track, to building
a nice ratio buffer..

We really hope you will like this offer as much as we do..

Best regards,
TorrentVault staff.