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    HDME | HDME | HD | 2018 Review

    HDME | HDME | HD | 2018 Review

    Name HDME
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre HD
    Tracker Type Ratio Based
    Bonus System Yes
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Tracker Signup Invites / Open sometimes
    Banned Countries None
    IRC Channel
    Channel : #hdme


    HDME is a private tracker specialized in HD releases that offers some General content as well.

    For a tracker that will be 10 years old in a few months, the 13k torrents available dont seem like much.

    But it would be a mistake to judge HDME by that small number, the strenght of this tracker lies in its numerous internal teams.

    FourGHD, HDME, INtL, iCandy, RUXi give a unique touch to this tracker thanks to their encodes that are all FreeLeech.

    Maintaining a good ratio is very easy , Freeleech torrents galore as previously mentionned and there's even a seedbonus system to top it off.

    Joining HDME is relatively simple, the tracker opens registrations on a regular basis.

    An interesting tracker with good dedicated teams.









    Speed 8/10
    Pre-time 7/10
    Content 7/10
    Community 6/10
    Overall 7/10

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    Good review bro but ratings a bit high.

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    That s your opinion and I expressed mine. A review is subjective , it gives a personal idea about a tracker, its not a scientific truth.

    I will never argue with someone's review. I respect his / her point of view.

    7 is not that high , its just ok.

    A rating has nothing to do with a tracker's level. As much as I like HDME, its probably just a level 2 tracker ( on a scale of 1 to 10 )
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