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    Facebook Sued For Refusing to Remove Copyrighted Photo

    Photographer Kristen Pierson Reilly has filed a lawsuit against Facebook for failing to respond properly to a DMCA notice. The social network refused to remove a copy of her photo, stating that it wasn't clear whether its use was infringing. In a complaint filed in a federal court in New York, Pierson now demands compensation for the damage she suffered.

    Every day millions of people post photos online, without approval from the rightsholder. This is particularly prevalent on social media platforms such as Facebook.

    Many photographers don’t have the time or resources to go after these types of infringements, but some are clearly drawing a line in the sand.

    This week, photographer
    Kristen Pierson filed a complaint against Facebook at a New York District Court. Pierson accuses the social media platform of hosting and displaying one of her works without permission.

    Normally these issues are resolved with a DMCA takedown notice but in this case that didn’t work.

    Last year, Pierson noticed that the Facebook account “Trusted Tech Tips” had used one of her works, a photo of Rhode Island politician Robert Nardolillo, without permission. When she requested Facebook to remove it, the company chose to leave it up instead.

    “Hi-, Thanks for your report. Based on the information you’ve provided, it is not clear that the content you’ve reported infringes your copyright,” the Facebook representative wrote in reply.

    “It appears that the content you reported is being used for the purposes of commentary or criticism. For this reason, we are unable to act on your report at this time.”

    The takedown notice was sent March last year and the post in question
    remains online at the time of writing, with the photo included. This prompted Pierson to file a complaint at a New York Federal Court this week accusing Facebook of copyright infringement.
    According to the Rhode Island-based photographer, Facebook failed to comply with the takedown request and can’t rely on its safe harbor protection.

    “Facebook did not comply with the DMCA procedure on taking the Photograph down. As a result, Facebook is not protected under the DMCA safe harbor as it failed to take down the Photograph from the Website,” the complaint reads.

    The short five-page complaint accuses Facebook of copyright infringement and Pierson requests compensation for the damages she suffered.
    “Facebook infringed Plaintiff’s copyright in the Photograph by reproducing and publicly displaying the Photograph on the Website. Facebook is not, and has never been, licensed or otherwise authorized to reproduce, publically display, distribute and/or use the Photograph,” it reads.

    The photographer is not new to these types of lawsuits. She has filed similar cases against other outlets such as Twitter. The latter case was eventually dismissed, likely after both parties reached an agreement.

    In the present case, Pierson requests a trial by jury but it wouldn’t be a surprise if this matter is settled behind closed doors, away from the public eye.

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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    Anti-Piracy Group BREIN ‘Dealt With’ 339 Pirate Sites Last Year

    Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN is among the most active civil copyright enforcement groups in the world. This week the group announced its 2018 achievements, which includes the shutdown of pirate sites and IPTV vendors, as well as settlements with uploaders. These efforts will continue in the year to come, when BREIN also plans to ramp up its efforts against uploaders.

    When it comes to civil anti-piracy enforcement, BREIN is without a doubt one of the best-known players in the industry.

    The group, which receives support from Hollywood and other content industries, has shuttered hundreds of smaller sites in recent history and even took on the likes of Mininova and The Pirate Bay.

    In 2018
    BREIN continued these enforcement actions. Besides targeting pirate sites throughout the world, it also increased its focus on vendors that offer illegal IPTV subscriptions.

    The group has just published a detailed overview of its accomplishments over the past 12 months. This provides clear insight into the group’s anti-piracy priorities and offers a glimpse of what to expect in the near future.

    BREIN’s copyright enforcement actions cover a broad range of pirate avenues. Steaming may be the prime focus for Hollywood at the moment, but the anti-piracy group isn’t letting other outlets out of its sight.

    “BREIN’s approach focuses on all forms of illegal supply, regardless of the technology used for it, such as bittorrent, cyberlockers and Usenet and websites or social media linking to it,” BREIN notes.

    Looking at the numbers we see that the anti-piracy group is closing the books on a productive 12 months.

    Over the past year, BREIN received hundreds of notices from rightsholders about problematic activity. It concluded a total of 511 investigations and 97 remain ongoing at the start of the new year.

    Shutting down pirate sites is high on the agenda. BREIN says that it ‘dealt with’ 339 illegal websites and services. These include
    torrent sites,Usenet linking services, and cyberlockers. Some of the sites shut down completely and others were forced to leave their hosting providers.

    Speaking with TorrentFreak, BREIN director Tim Kuik says a close eye will be kept on sites that continue to operate despite its efforts. These are candidates for further ISP blocking processes, which remain on the agenda for the coming years.
    Last year the group achieved some additional results in its Pirate Bay blocking case. Following a ruling at Europe’s highest court, the local Pirate Bay blockade was
    expanded to several other Dutch ISPs. There are still some issues to resolve, but BREIN expects that the blockade will stand.

    As mentioned in the past, BREIN also has
    vendors of pirate streaming boxes on its radar. Last year, it convinced 79 vendors of copyright-infringing IPTV and VOD services to halt their sales.

    In addition, BREIN also caught 17 prolific
    uploaders, removed 20 Facebook groups where infringing content was being shared, removed 1,291,384 search results, 12,470 files from cyberlockers, and took down 46,203 ads for illegal content.

    In some cases, settlements were reached with the infringers. Last year, BREIN signed 31 agreements amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros in damages.

    Looking ahead, BREIN plans to continue its enforcement efforts in the new year. Several years ago it announced plans to go after
    frequentseeders of pirated material. The group is still collecting IP-address data and hopes to launch the campaign in 2019.

    2018 has been a special year for the anti-piracy group which also celebrated its 20th anniversary. For this special occasion it released some additional statistics, boasting its efforts.

    Since its inception, BREIN has dealt with more than 41,000 websites, removed over 17 million search engine results, and targeted more than 6,000 online sellers of copyright infringing content, the group notes.

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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    Cryptocurrency Is Being Stolen by Pirate Bay Malware

    The Pirate Bay is the world’s most popular torrent site. Every day, millions of people around the world go to this site to illegally download movies, TV shows, music, video games, software, e-books and much more. However, people who try to download certain movies are going to get a very nasty surprise. It seems that someone has installed malware that is designed to steal cryptocurrency on certain popular movies that are downloaded very often. There have been other instances of this on other websites. However, this is the first time that this type of malware has been reported on the Pirate Bay.

    The malware being used is very advanced. According to a report by
    thecoinshark.net, it is capable of doing a variety of things to make the theft of the cryptocurrency unknown to the person downloading the movie. For example, it can turn off Windows Defender. It also has the ability to install extensions that contain viruses on both Chrome and Firefox.

    The way that this malware can steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting people is quite clever. It has the ability to manipulate webpages in a very convincing manner. However, this is much different than a standard phishing scheme where the URL is different than the original. This malware keeps the URL the same as the original site and is still capable of placing ads to trick the user. For example, a box at the top of Wikipedia is added by the use of malicious browser extensions asking people to donate to the site in the form of cryptocurrency. All donations that are made in this manner will go directly to the person responsible for the malware.

    The threat to people who use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is very real. People will now need to think twice the next time they want to download a movie from Pirate Bay. It should be noted that only a small number of Pirate Bay torrents have been reported to contain this specific type of malware. That having been said, it is still a large risk of people who use cryptocurrency on a regular basis.

    It used to be easy to avoid phishing scams that use spoofing by simply taking a very close look at the site’s URL. However, that is no longer the case with this malware. The URL will be the same as the legitimate site. Therefore, detecting that your computer is infected becomes a huge task for most people.

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    TVZion ‘Pirate’ App Dev Threatens Anti-Piracy Measures to Screw Pirates

    The developer of pirate streaming app TVZion is so angry at people accessing his pro version for free that he's threatened to start retaliatory action against pirates. Storing IP addresses and usage habits, turning machines into cryptominers, and using devices as unpaid proxy servers are all on the table.

    Put on your protective irony suits folks, you’re definitely going to need them. Facepalming is also allowed, especially if accompanied by a slow head-shake.

    With the downfall of Android-based apps like TerrariumTV, pirates everywhere are looking for the next big thing. Lots of content in a Netflix-style interface is the order of the day, and there is no shortage of contenders.

    One player gaining traction with pirates is TVZion. The Android-based software looks good, performs well, and is a perfect fit for those looking to access all the latest movies and TV shows.

    The standard version of TVZion is free and supported by ads. There is a ‘pro’ version too which is advertised as “100% Ad free, premium features, priority requests and more.” Being in the ‘club’, however, comes at a price.

    While some pirates are indeed happy to purchase the type of service detailed below (and indeed subscribe to the likes of Netflix and Spotify), the operator of TVZion appears exasperated by a growing number of users who want pro features at zero cost.

    Such a thing is indeed an option, via modded TVZion APK files that are widely available and being promoted heavily by YouTubers. Trouble is, this apparent freeloading is grinding the dev’s gears while simultaneously undermining his product.

    “So yesterday I had to take down the server momentarily to deploy yet another optimization. Upon checking logs now it’s safe to say about 35% users are mod users. Thanks to mindless youtubers, they are only linking to the modded versions,” he wrote on Reddit this week.

    “Needless to say a server based app will not sustain this way because eventually I will run out of optimizations and server rent. So I am thinking of a countermeasure to deter users from wanting to use the modded version and also deter youtubers to linking to one.”

    Presuming these freeloaders can be identified, the simplest method to end their fun would be to ban them from the service but according to the developer, he’s “looking for something more than that”, something that will act as a deterrent to prevent people using modded APKs altogether.

    ​If this sounds like the start of an anti-piracy brainstorming session, hold onto your hats folks – this one is something special. Here are the options for punishing ‘illegal’ pro version users, as
    suggested by the developer:

    1. Log mod users for Ip addresses, timestamps and contents accessed and keep this information to be used as I see fit if it ever comes to that
    2. Crypto mining – Mine crypto currency in the background. From my experience this’ll only overwork the device for very little money
    3. Use device as proxy – This will essentially turn their device into a proxy server which will be rented to others (NOT A FAN OF THIS)

    “Everything else that comes in my mind is rather more malicious so no point exploring that. The most graceful way to deal with this [in my opinion] is to simply let the user know that this is a mod app and now they are being logged. Let me know what do you think?” he added.

    Even the most hardcore pirates in the world can’t fail to appreciate the irony here.

    TVZion is an application that is designed to offer content that otherwise would cost a fee to access. Movie and TV studios all over the world are complaining that their stuff costs billions to make and pirates are undermining their business models. In some cases, these companies employ copyright trolls to log IP addresses with the aim of later punishing them.

    And what we have here is a developer of a pirate application, complaining that his business model is being undermined by pirates, so the solutions should perhaps include logging their IP addresses with the aim of punishing them at a later point.

    There can be no doubt that this developer has invested plenty of time and energy into what seems to be a very competent application that achieves its stated goals. That classic anti-piracy tactics are being discussed as a solution to protect revenues is ironic at best and mind-boggling at worst.

    If we want to argue that the guy is justified in protecting his investment, we can do that. If we want to state he has every right to log the IPaddresses of freeloaders taking his service for free, we can do that as well.

    What we can’t do in parallel is criticize entertainment and anti-piracy companies for making the same case for logging infringers and taking subsequent action against them. Either taking other people’s content and monetizing it is fair game for all, or the entire house of cards comes tumbling down.

    Although it’s impossible to say what is going on behind the scenes of the TVZion app, at least for now it appears that these suggestions haven’t been put into practice. Trouble is, once you talk about doing this kind of thing voluntarily to save a business model, what happens when the authorities come calling and action is required to save a skin?

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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    Popular BitTorrent tracker Linkomanija Must Be Blocked, Appeal Court Rules

    LinkoManija.net, the most visited torrent site in Lithuania and the 18th most popular site, period, must be blocked by ISPs, a court has ruled. The case has been ongoing for two years and is likely to open the doors to widespread 'pirate' site blocking in the country.

    It’s certainly not difficult to see why Linkomanija is a major irritant to copyright holders in Lithuania and further afield.

    For well over a decade the site has been a major force involved in the sharing of unlicensed content. Even today, despite years of conflict and attacks against the site,
    Linkomanija is not only Lithuania’s most popular torrent index but also the 18th most popular site in the country, period.

    Now, however, copyright holders hope that traffic to the site can be brought under control with the introduction of a court-ordered ISPblockade.

    The Lithuanian Copyright Protection Association (LATGA) began its blocking efforts against Linkomanija back in 2016 when it filed a lawsuit at the Regional Court of Vilnius demanding that several local ISPs prevent their subscribers from accessing the site.

    In November 2017, the Court
    issued an order which required the country’s largest Internet providers including Telia, Bitė, LRTC, Cgates, Init, and Balticum TV, to start blocking access to the popular torrent tracker.

    However, the Court ordered the costs associated with blocking to be borne by the plaintiff and with ISP Telia complaining that blocking the entire site (which has been
    used by rightsholders to distribute legal content) could amount to a restriction on free speech, an appeal was quickly on the cards.

    After more than a year, the case has now been decided. ISPs will have to begin blocking Linkomanija with immediate effect.

    “For two years, we have been in court with this Linkomanija case,” LATGA lawyer Andrius Iškauskas told

    “The court of first instance made a favorable decision for us, then it was appealed, and the Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal and essentially confirmed all our arguments that blocking Linkomanija is an appropriate and effective measure.

    “This decision can still be appealed to the Supreme Court, but it is already valid and operators will have to execute it and block access to Linkomanija. I think that this decision will help to protect the rights of creators,” Iškauskas added.

    LATGA director Jonas Liniauskas says that he’s pleased the Court listened to the concerns of rights holders and notes that legislative changes helped the case along.

    “We are very pleased that the Lithuanian courts have finally heard authors who lose a large part of their income due to pirate activity,” he said.

    “I have no doubt that such decisions have been greatly influenced by the amendments to the Lithuanian Law on Copyright and Related Rights, as well as European case law, which will make it possible to protect authors more effectively from pirates on the Internet.”

    In common with all regions where the blocking of one site is ordered, further blocks against more sites are now expected in Lithuania.

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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    Torrent Paradise Creates Decentralized ‘Pirate Bay’ With IPFS

    The BitTorrent protocol has a decentralized nature but the ecosystem surrounding it has some weak spots. Torrent sites, for example, use centralized search engines which are prone to outages and takedowns. Torrent-Paradise tackles this problem with IPFS, a searchable torrent indexer that's shared by the people.

    IPFS, short for InterPlanetary File System, has been around for a few years now.

    While the name sounds alien to most people, it has a growing userbase among the tech-savvy.

    In short, IPFS is a decentralized network where users make files available among each other. If a website uses IPFS, it is served by a “swarm” of people, much like BitTorrent users do when a file is shared.

    The advantage of this system is that websites can become completely decentralized. If a website or other resource is hosted with IPFS, it remains accessible as long as the computer of one user who “pinned” it remains online.

    The advantages of IPFS are clear. It allows archivists, content creators, researchers, and many others to distribute large volumes of data over the Internet. It’s censorship resistant and not vulnerable to regular hosting outages.

    It’s also a perfect match for ‘pirate’ sites. The decentralized nature makes IPFS sites virtually impossible to shut down. This aspect was already
    highlighted by Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde, back in 2016.

    “IPFS is really good and if everyone started using that instead it would be great. It would be working perfectly with less centralization. The problem is that the big sites like TPB and KAT are not really good at using new technology,” Sunde said.

    KAT was shut down shortly after Sunde commented and while The Pirate Bay remains online, it now suffers more downtime than ever. Still, none of the major pirate sites have shown an interest in IPFS thus far.

    There are others who’ve taken up this challenge though. A developer going by the handle ‘Urban Guacamole’ recently launched
    Torrent-Paradise, a torrent index which is powered with IPFS.

    “I feel like decentralizing search is the natural next step in the evolution of the torrent ecosystem. File sharing keeps moving in the direction of more and more decentralization, eliminating one single point of failure after another,” he informs TF.

    To start the site Torrent-Paradise used a copy of The Pirate Bay database. This was transformed into a searchable index with help
    from ipfsearch.xyz and the site’s operator has a DHT crawler which, at the moment, adds approximately 20,000 new torrents per day.

    This all sounds positive but there are also some drawbacks.

    One of the main hurdles is that IPFS has to be installed and configured if you want to become a node. This is a relatively easy process, but the average web user may not be familiar with using a command line to set it up, which is a requirement.

    However, there are also IPFS gateways available. Cloudflare, for example, introduced one recently. This allows anyone to access sites such as Torrent-Paradise through a
    custom URL, but these people don’t help to share the site.

    Another downside is that the static index which the site relies on is only updated once a day. This isn’t a technical restriction, but more a practical one. In theory, it could be updated in near real-time.

    At the moment there’s both a
    regular Torrent-Paradise website, accessible to all, as well as an IPFS version which will remain ad-free. The site itself is fairly basic, but the real point of it is to showcase the power of decentralization.

    The decentralization of file-sharing has been ongoing for decades. The BitTorrent protocol is decentralized, for example. And The Pirate Bay moved this further by removing its tracker and torrents, relying on DHT and magnet links instead.

    “Decentralizing torrent search is next,” Urban Guacamole says, who believes that IPFS could become more common among torrent sites in the future.

    Torrent-Paradise’s operator sees ‘availability’ as one of the main advantages. In this case, that goes hand in hand with being censorship resistant.

    “Because each update of Torrent Paradise is an IPFS hash, it is impossible for anyone, including me, to take down the site. As long as there’s someone pinning it (the IPFS equivalent of seeding), the site will be available.”

    Since the site started out as a Pirate Bay copy, rightsholders may eventually come in with complaints. While the site will comply with DMCA notices, it can’t control the hashes that are already shared in the network.

    For the time being, Urban Guacamole plans to continue his work on the site. With a free domain name and Cloudflare support, it only costs roughly $4 a month, so the cost is not a factor.

    Perhaps something for The Pirate Bay to consider?

    “It most definitely would help them keep their site available when their servers are down,” Urban Guacamole says.

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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    Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of The Week on BitTorrent – 01/21/19

    The top 10 most downloaded movies on BitTorrent are in again. 'A Star is Born' tops the chart this week, followed by ‘Hunter Killer'. 'First Man' completes the top three.

    This week we have six newcomers in our chart.

    A Star is Born is the most downloaded movie.

    The data for our weekly download chart is estimated by TorrentFreak, and is for informational and educational reference only. All the movies in the list are Web-DL/Webrip/HDRip/BDrip/DVDrip unless stated otherwise.

    RSS feed for the articles of the recent weekly movie download charts.

    This week’s most downloaded movies are:

    Movie Rank Rank last week Movie name IMDb Rating / Trailer
    Most downloaded movies via torrents
    1 (…) A Star is Born 8.0 / trailer
    2 (…) Hunter Killer 6.7 / trailer
    3 (1) First Man 7.5 / trailer
    4 (…) The Girl in The Spider’s Web 6.1 / trailer
    5 (2) Aquaman (HDTC) 7.7 / trailer
    6 (3) Venom 7.0 / trailer
    7 (…) The Nutcracker and the Four Realms 5.6 / trailer
    8 (…) Bumblebee (Subbed HDRip) 7.2 / trailer
    9 (4) The Vanishing 6.0 / trailer
    10 (…) Bohemian Rhapsody (DVDScr) 8.3 / trailer

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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    Voluntary Live Sports Piracy Blocking Implemented in Portugal

    In 2015, Portugal introduced a voluntary 'pirate' site-blocking regime against torrent, streaming, and similar sites, with zero court orders needed. Now the campaign has been extended to include the blocking of live sports streams, initially soccer matches. Again, the process is entirely voluntary with no injunctions required.

    In July 2015, Portugal’s Ministry of Culture
    announced the signing of a an anti-piracy memorandum between the General Inspection of Cultural Activities (IGAC), the Portuguese Association of Telecommunication Operators (APRITEL), various rightsholder groups, the body responsible for administering Portugal’s .PT domain, and representatives from the advertising industry.

    The aim of the memorandum was the creation of a super-streamlined anti-piracy mechanism which could be triggered following complaints from rightsholders. As a result, local anti-piracy outfit MAPINET regularly collates evidence on pirate site activities and ISPs block the platforms, with no court intervention required.

    Since then, a huge number of sites have been blocked, with new domains added to the country’s unofficial blacklist every month. At the time of writing there are more than
    1,900 sites blocked in the country, many on copyright grounds. Now, however, there appears to be a significant new addition to this controversial scheme.

    With what appears to have been little if any public scrutiny, back in December a new agreement was signed between IGAC, APRITEL, and rightsholder groups including
    FEVIP and GEDIPE. The aim was the protection of live sports with the introduction of a regime to block ‘pirate’ streams of live sports broadcasts.

    Discussions online indicate that those accessing recent live matches were interrupted by ISP blockades which prevented them from accessing unauthorized platforms. After being questioned by local publication
    Exame Informática, IGAC confirmed that the practice is indeed going ahead as per the December agreement.

    “Live events, by their very nature and under penalty of futility, require a faster action of the entities involved in the course of unauthorized transmissions,” said IGAC Inspector General Silveira Botelho.

    Botelho told the publication that the original memorandum wasn’t designed to combat illicit streams of live sports. The new agreement, however, operates on information obtained shortly before live events get underway, in order to block illicit transmissions more effectively.

    As usual, rightsholders provide the initial notification to IGAC which then makes the decision whether or not to block the resource. Instructions are then handed to ISPs to block the online locations associated with the illegal streaming activities.

    Unlike the regular blocking process, bans aren’t permanent but are lifted as soon as the events the rightsholders wish to protect have been concluded.

    This appears to be similar to the blocking activities carried out in the UK by the
    Premier League and a pair of boxing promotions (1,2). The difference is that these are fully authorized by High Court injunction whereas the Portugal efforts are entirely voluntary.

    “The agreement applies to all live events and is open to the inclusion of other entities that wish to contribute to the achievement of the objectives therein and to accept the respective terms and conditions,” says IGAC’s Botelho.

    While all live events are covered by the memorandum, reports online suggest that only soccer matches have been affected thus far. The blocking was confirmed by Revolução dos Bytes (Bytes’ Revolution), the group behind
    SitesBloqueados.pt and site unblocking service Ahoy!, who told TorrentFreak that there has been a ‘huge’ increase in new detected blocked sites.

    “I’m worried about this new easy and expedited way of blocking sites, it probably means that they have developed a new tool for this particular purpose, making the process of censoring sites less tedious and with even less red tape,” team member Henrique Mouta says.

    “I don’t know how their system works behind the scenes, but I highly doubt that anyone is double checking if the site actually meets the criteria defined in the memorandum.”

    In any event, the Ahoy! tool is still being updated to unblock affected sites, although Henrique says the team are having to do “a lot more work” to keep up with the increased volume.

    Source: Torrentfreak.com

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