Tracker Name RoDVD
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Tracker SignUp Closed (Invite only)
Tracker Genre DVD-R/HD Movies
Seed Difficulty Ratioless
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • RoDVD is one of the oldest Romanian private trackers dedicated to mostly Ro-subbed full DVD releases.
  • Most of the torrents has Romanian subtitles, so this is a great chance for native speakers to enjoy the lots of movies uploaded there. Of course, it could be a problem for cross-seeders/reuploaders because those custom subtitles are not really appreciated by non-Romanian DVD-collectors. But the huge amount of materials completely worth joining anyway.
  • The huge plus and minus at the same time is the fact that this RoDVD is ratioless. You can snatch whatever you want without any headache about your ratio (there is no H&R rule), but it makes a huge part of torrents dead, even the new ones.
  • RoDVD has a bonus system where you can get bonuses for seeding. You can exchange them for upload GB's but I don't see why you really need this. Moreover, it would be hard to improve your user class because with ratioless system (and no "download count") it's impossible to have a ratio proportion required to change it.
  • There is no "invite option" at their store. So, you can only find invites from old users.
  • The community is not so active. You can find some people at Romanian chat but the international chat is really quiet. Plus, they even removed their forums.
  • RoDVD has English interface, so it's really easy to navigate.
  • With all the positive things about ratioless system, the golden age of this tracker is in the past, in my opinion. Still, it's worth joining for all the DVD-lovers.

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Pretimes -/10
Speeds 4/10
Content 7/10
Community 3/10
Overall 4.5/10