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    MyAnonamouse | MAM | E-Learning | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name MyAnonamouse
    Tracker URL
    Tracker SignUp Invite Only
    Tracker Genre E-learning
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    • MyAnonamouse (MAM) is one of the best e-learning private trackers ever. They have more than 400k torrents with more than 126k users at the moment.
    • Their huge collection of e-books, audiobooks, radio programs and even music sheets can really impress any of those who love reading.
    • MAM is famous of their really warm, friendly and active community. You can always find interesting topics at the forums or just chat to other users at IRC page. Staff is nice and helpful as well.
    • I would say that ratio maintaining there is easy but, of course, seeding e-books (H&R: 72 hours) is not the same as seeding HD-movies. Plus, if you use seedbox, you should tell staff about it. They're really serious about it.
    • So, the most effective way of maintaining ratio is uploading. But you have to pass the exam based on basic rules to have the ability to upload stuff.
    • As at lots of trackers, you can use bonus points to improve your ratio or buy the VIP status (to download VIP torrents). You can earn them seeding torrents, spending time at IRC, having a gifts from other users or winning them at their games section.
    • If you love reading and want to find interesting and nice people as your soulmates, this is the tracker you definitely should get.

    Home Page


    Freeleech Torrents




    IRC chat


    Top 10




    Pretimes -/10
    Speeds 8/10
    Content 9/10
    Community 9/10
    Overall 9/10

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    beautiful review this tracker seems to have a lot of content for studies.

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    the tracker has alot of educational content and the registration interview is generally easier than others

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