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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Hello everyone

    Hi all

    I am somewhat new to private trackers. I was on Demonoid for a long time, but it really wasn't private. I realized I had a bad ratio, so I made it a point to seed, and just when I was very close to a 1:1 ratio, the site shut down (ratio didn't matter there, but it felt good to share...). Now that I've looked into private trackers and understand how important ratios are, I'm more careful about it.

    Right now I use rutracker for music (I have 2:1 ratio) because they get a lot of lossless quality CDs from what.cd and waffles.fm

    Hoping to get onto what.cd, but if I do, I'm worried about ratio because I've heard that FAST seedboxes make it harder for people with weak connections to seed. I'm probably going to look into how to rip CDs to .flac (lossless) because I may have some obscure stuff that isn't on their tracker yet...

    I may start a thread here to ask some questions about what.cd in the future.

    I'll see everyone on the forum

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    Welcome aboard my friend, Read the rules and enjoy it here

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    Welcome to Torrentinvitez.com mate .

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