We are happy to introduce a new feature to help bitGAMER users (as wall as long-time users of both sites) to settle into UG more easy and ease the sense of loss from bG closing down.

Introducing the bitGAMER Ratio Import tool!

The tool will allow you to link your bitGAMER account to your Underground Gamer account. After you login to your bitGAMER account, the full ratio details of both accounts will be given and you can choose whether to proceed or not.

Please note, that you can only link one bitGAMER account to one Underground Gamer account. This means that you can only import one bG account, and each bG account can only be linked to one UG account.

There is currently no system in place to reset your password. If you forgot it, then look through your password manager for your bG password or skip the import.


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