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    Fantastiko | FTSK | Misc | 2018 Review

    Tracker Name Fantastiko
    Tracker URL
    Tracker SignUp Invite Only (very rarely open signups)
    Tracker Genre Misc
    Seed Difficulty Medium
    Banned Countries None

    Tracker Description

    • Fantastiko is a private Greek tracker dedicated to sci-fi and fantastic content.
    • I define this site as misc because you can find a lot of different stuff in there. From movies and tv-series to books, comics, games and music.
    • Fantastiko is not so big: it's less than 1k users and a little more than 4,5k torrents at the moment. However, they have a lot of users who used to bring new uploads almost every day. Community is nice and talkative enough for its size. There are rumors that staff is tough and rude sometimes but personally I never had any issues.
    • Since this tracker is Greek, everything is in Greek. Even when you use English version of FTSK, it would be hard to use forums without browser autotranslation (sometimes it can't help you anyway).
    • Maintaining ratio is not so hard since there are lots of freeleech torrents. Plus, their bonus system can make your life much easier there. But they have a H&R rule: 72 hours.
    • In conclusion I could say that FTSK is a heaven for any sci-fi fan, especially if you're a Greek sci-fi fan (since almost every movie or series there goes with Greek subtitles, for example). This tracker does not claim to be the best one at its cathegory, so you should consider it as a nice small niche place.

    Home Page



    Top 10 Torrents



    Seeding Rules


    User Classes

    Bonus Points



    Pretimes -/10
    Speeds 6/10
    Content 6/10
    Community 6/10
    Overall 6/10

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    Site has shutdown. RIP News - Site shuts down

    Alert! Website is currently closed!

    Red Alert!
    After completing his five-year mission, the trackership was decommissioned and landed on Earth. I thank again the passengers and officers of the trackership for the wonderful trip. Kirk out

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    Too bad, this was used to be one of the best trackers for fantasy fans.

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