Tracker Name ClassiX-Unlimited
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Tracker SignUp Invite Only
Tracker Genre Movies
Seed Difficulty Easy
Banned Countries None

Tracker Description

  • ClassiX-Unlimited is a nice private tracker dedicated mostly untouched DVD and Bluray content (lots with covers and artworks, so it's a cool place for collectors). Most of the movies you can find there are classic and arthouse. But also you can find a good amount of TV-shows and cartoons. Of course, encodes are available as well, but not such a good selection as DVDs. It's almost 19K torrents at the moment.
  • Site itself looks oldy (TorrentTrader source) but easy to navigate since menu is not so complex.
  • Maintaining ratio is more than just easy because this tracker is kind of ratioless. Staff don't mind if you download a lot and have a ratio below 1, but if you just snatch gems and leave they could ban you. The main principle of ClassiX is keep seeding for others (they ask to seed torrents you snatch or upload for at least 24 hours). But still, a lot of torrents there seems dead.
  • ClassiX has a not so big but active community. Old members are stick together, they're friendly and trying to help new members. I can say this tracker has its special atmosphere.
  • This tracker is pretty easy to get since they give you lots of invites if you're active anyhow. I would say, if you want to get Cinematik but can't do that, you should try ClassiX because they're similar. Of course, Tik has much better rank in the torrent world but ClassiX sometimes seems too underrated.

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Pretimes -/10
Speeds 6/10
Content 8/10
Community 7/10
Overall 7/10