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Tracker Genre E-Learning
Seed Difficulty Medium
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Tracker Description

  • TheGeeks is an interesting e-learning tracker, the part of ".click-family": TheOccult, ThePlace, TheVault, TheShow and TheEmpire. It has a lot of content dedicated to business, computers, science, arts, languages, etc. Mix of everything.
  • This is a place with not so many new torrents every day but still you can build a nice ratio there. It's medium if you use seedbox and pretty hard if you don't use it. You should keep ratio at least 1.0, otherwise staff can start watching you.
  • Selection of torrents is really huge. If you ask yourself why you should try to get in there since there are lots of other e-learning trackers, you should remember it's not only photo, computers or graphics materials in there. It has a little bits of every .click-family-trackers: lots of occultism books (if you can't get TheOccult), business books and lessons (if you can't get TheVault), etc. So it's kind of practical.
  • Even old torrents has seeds, so you can snatch almost everything you want there (if you have a buffer, of course). This is a big plus if you are engaged in self-education.
  • Community is active, you can find a lot of interesting topics about everything at TG forums. And it's not a usual conversations about weather, encodes and movies, but about science, languages, culture, philosophy, etc. I would say, this is a worth place to be.

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Pretimes -/10
Speeds 7/10
Content 9/10
Community 8/10
Overall 8/10