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We call everyone's attention

the grace period of old digestive torrents expires today.

From tomorrow's day, that is, March 4, 2019, more
the old digestive torrents will be checked. 2016
From 2017 to 2018, it is a digestible torrent.

Seedling Torrents can be exchanged with Bonus Points under the Bonus menu using the appropriate option (lowest option).
Directly it was designed to be replaced.

Seed-like torrents with 0-minute seed time are also monitored continuously.

You can avoid punishment by triggering your Bonus Point with your digestive torrent.

Bonus Points could be obtained in several pictures to replace the seedling torrents.
- keeping torrents in the stomach;
- Lottery;
- Top Mix;
- Sunday chat room quiz;
- season games (Easter, festive quiz, etc.)

Have any problem reporting to Help.
Complaints will not be accepted after March 4th!