Welcome to the New Year fellow Revolutionists
Have you considered making another new years resolution?
Why not consider getting more involved in the Revo community ?

Our forums are a great place to peruse. It doesn't matter if your looking for site support, help on a console issue, want to talk about a new game you found, need a good laugh or just found out there is such a thing as a "ballistic full exoskeleton body suit of armor"

You could also join the 2 - 300 people that visit daily in the IRC

RevolutionTT would also like to Welcome all new members joining our community, please remember to read the RATIO RULES, SITE RULES and the FAQ. Please say hello and introduce yourself in the Welcome Thread. If you do have any help related questions please see the Revolution Mega Help Guide! before using the Forum Search feature, finally if you still need an answer post a new topic in the Help Forum or join the IRC #help channel.

If you recently invited any new members to the site, please make sure they're doing well, don't forget we'll even reward you for inviting good members with additional invites & upload credits, see the Good Invite - Upload Credit Thread. If you've been a member of the Revolution over 6 weeks and have made Power User, be sure to request your starter invites HERE.

VIP+ now see PreTimes listed on all scene torrents, have access to the IRC #vip channel with torrent announces and can set a vhost, a VIP forum with the chance of a free SeedBox trial, as well as one extra starter invite with a lower ratio requirement needed to apply.

Don't forget to keep your torrent client up-to-date to keep yourself and the website safe, please see the Accepted Client List.

Want to use your mobile to browse the site, click through to our Mobile Site, giving you the power to add bookmarks on the move and even queue torrents to your PC for downloading, using your phone!