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    FakeDoor | FD | WDMA | 2019 Review

    FakeDoor | FD | WDMA | 2019 Review

    Name FakeDoor
    Tracker URL
    Tracker Genre WDMA
    Tracker Type No Ratio
    Bonus System No
    Seed Difficulty Easy
    Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
    Banned Countries Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, South Korea, Vietnam, Romania, Pakistan
    IRC Channel -


    FakeDoor, previously know as mmmm, is one of the if not the oldest WDMA site in the business.

    WDMA or " Where's Da movie At " is a forum based site with a section dedicated to downloading files. This section is most of the the time just a " side activity ", the icing on the cake. That's the case for FakeDoor. Indeed, even though an important number of files are available in all different categories, those can be found easily in any good general tracker.

    What stands the most and what makes FakeDoor so special and unique is its community. Members are very active in the forum, posting hundreds of posts everyday about all kind of topics. The atmosphere is very friendly, making the whole experience very pleasant.

    Like all very secretive communities, joining FakeDoor is very hard. Invites are very rare and only handed out to experienced members. There 's also a long list of banned countries that one's must be aware of before even trying to access FD.

    If you are community-minded and a forum addict, look no further, FakeDoor is a must have. Recommended.






    Speed 8/10
    Pre-time 8/10
    Content 7/10
    Community 10/10
    Overall 8/10

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    I've heard of this forum very well.
    They say it's very busy
    But now, seeing these screens, I'm more curious.
    thank you.

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