You can find here the list of all Ongoing Giveaways

Edit 03/11 : Implementation of a new rule : If you are using a VPN or a proxy , you are not eligible for Giveaways.

Too many people are creating accounts with similar IPs and I cant waste my time trying to find out if a person is having a dupe account or if 2 different people are using the same VPN service.

You can of course use VPNs and proxies to browse the forum ( at your own risk , members sharing the same IP will be banned ) but you cant apply for Giveaways.

420Project Giveaway

AcrossTheTasMan Giveaway

AudioNews Giveaway

BitSpyder Giveaway

CartoonChaos Giveaway

CherryKiss Giveaway

CyclingTorrents Giveaway

Elbitz Giveaway

ExtremeBits Giveaway

Fano Giveaway

FemDomCult Giveaway

Filelist Giveaway

FunFile Giveaway

GrabThe.Info Giveaway

Greek-Team Giveaway

HDArea Giveaway

HDBytes Giveaway

HDME Giveaway

HDMonkey Giveaway

HD-Space Giveaway

HD-Torrents Giveaway

IndieTorrents Giveaway

ILoveClassics Giveaway

InPeril Giveaway

IPTorrents Giveaway

JPopsuki Giveaway

LinkoManija Giveaway

MMA-Tracker Giveaway

NMP3s Giveaway

PornBits Giveaway

PotUK Giveaway

RacingFor.Me Giveaway

SDBits Giveaway

Shellife Giveaway Giveaway

Tasmanit Giveaway

TranceTraffic Giveaway

TorrentLeech Giveaway

TorrentTech Giveaway

TV-ChaosUK Giveaway

Waffles Giveaway

Wigornot Giveaway

XSpeeds Giveaway

XtremeWrestlingTorrents Giveaway

YuwaBits Giveaway