BlueBird-HD | BB | HD | 2019 Review

Name BlueBird-HD
Tracker URL
Tracker Genre HD
Tracker Type Ratio Based
Bonus System Yes
Seed Difficulty Easy
Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only
Banned Countries None
IRC Channel -


BlueBird-HD is a Russian private tracker specialized as its name indicates in HD releases.

With almost 10k torrents, Content includes a very important number of Full Blurays and Remuxes as well as some HD encodes provided by their Internal team BLUEBIRD. Pre-Time can be excellent as BlueBird is sometimes the first to come up with the latest movies. To be noted that most releases do have Russian and English languages.

Maintaining a good ratio is kinda easy, there is a lot of Freeleech Torrents ( 25%, 50%, 100%) and even a seedbonus system to help buy more upload.

Joining BlueBird-HD used to be easy as the tracker had the habit to open its doors from time to time. Unfortunately, its not longer the case.

One of the best Russian HD tracker in the business. Recommended.








Speed 8/10
Pre-time 8/10
Content 8/10
Community 6/10
Overall 8/10