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    dragon torrents.biz AKA thephoenix

    Dragon torrents closed the doors due to circumstances unforseen just before xmas
    the site has moved domains and reopened under a new name
    all old members can sign in with there old dragon accounts
    The Phoenix. is Home of ADTRG.
    Come check this fantastic site. We are currently open for registrations and all
    are welcome to join. We have the most active shoutbox on the Internet and a 24 hour live DJ radio station.
    We are a private site, so you must be a member to download. All new users receive 20GB and 1,000 bonus point just
    for signing up. All new members who come say hello in the shoutbox get an additional 500 bonus points.
    We hope to see you on site!! http://thephoenix.name

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    it is still closed

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    seems the tracker dead
    Together we will change the world of private torrent trackers, just like we did in the past. I'm torrenting since 2010, and I will stop when I die.

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