Minecraft comes to BTN!

• It’s a whitelisted 60 slot CraftBukkit vanilla survival server.

• CraftIRC – Allows chat between the IRC channel and the server.
• Lockette – Allows users to lock chests and doors with just a sign, to keep things private.
• NoCheatPlus – For obvious reasons. To prevent and detect various forms of cheating.
• CoreProtect – Help prevent griefing.
• Xauth – An extra layer of authentication on top of the whitelist.

1) Do not build within 500 blocks of another player's home.
2) No flying, speedhacks, xray, orespying or anything else that can’t be done in a vanilla Minecraft install.
3) The only mods we allow are Rei’s Minimap and performance related mods such as Optifine.
4) Do not destroy anything that was built by another player, or take any items that belong to another player.
5) Ask an oper before you use TNT or lava outside of your own base. Only use small amounts at a time.
6) If you cause a creeper to destroy something, rebuild it. This includes holes in the ground.
7) Replant any trees you chop down outside of your own tree farm.
8) Don’t be a dick.
9) Failure to follow the rules will result in your immediate removal from the Minecraft server.

1) Select #BTN-Minecraft in your IRC profile.
2) Re-identify with NickServ.
3) Once you're in the Minecraft channel ask to be whitelisted.

We also have a brand new Minecraft forum set up. For those who don't frequent IRC don't worry you can still play! Check out the two thread links below to get started.

Forum Rules:
Whitelist Thread: