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    BCG News - Time to Say goodBye

    Jan-29-13 - Paypal Issues - (regs) As some of you have figured out already our paypal account is down. This is because our account has been frozen again and we can't access it for at least 180 days. What does this mean for the site? To be honest at this point in time, I am not very sure. The reason behind the freeze this time is pretty unclear and file sharing wasn't mentioned at all so your guess is as good as mine. Seems like a member here is out to get us in some way or another or some person has some sort of grudge against us.

    I am not going to go into any more detail but if the site does experience some downtime then you know why. The server bill is due in a few days and with our paypal account being frozen, it has put us into a tight spot for the time being.

    Just wanted to be upfront with our members and let you all know whats going on so that none of you are surprised. There are alternatives to paypal listed on the donate page so if you do intend to donate those are still available. In addition, please PM myself (regs) or Mistameph for the time being regarding all donations, past or present. We will sort you out quickly.



    P.S: If by chance some member of this site is the one causing problems with paypal and you are reading this, please do me a favor and blow me

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    bitgamer, hdchina, and now blackcatgames seems they are closing one by one...hopefully dont see anymore fatalitys soon.

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    hope that this beautifull tracker will not end like HDC , BG and other big trackers that closed up . .

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