2013-01-19 - Coding Call
We are looking for a couple of new coders who fit a very specific set of criteria. We don't want, nor do we expect, a lot of applications here. If you're interested in helping on the coding-side of the Underground Gamer community, then please read on, but please don't respond unless you fit all of the criteria.

What we are looking for in a coder

Someone who is:
• Comfortable with PHP/MySQL, HTML, Javascript
• Self-motivated
• Able to work alone or in a small group
• Willing to put in at least a few hours a week
• Able to fix reported bugs, take on small personal projects, and/or take on larger group projects

What you will get
• Access to UG's codebase
• Real-world coding experience
• A relaxed and fun coding atmosphere
• A warm fuzzy feeling* from helping out a great community

What you won't get
• A paycheck
• A position on the staff (at least before proving yourself)

If you fit the criteria and you're still interested in helping UG code, please PM
KrazyA1pha. Please include in your PM your experience level, why you think you would be a good fit, and one thing you would like to see improved about UG.

We look forwarding to hearing from a few of you.

// UG Staff

*Warm fuzzy feeling not guaranteed.