Hey Gang! This month marks CC's 5th Anniversary!
"It's our birthday! It's our birthday!!"
"Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight - Get down tonight!!!"

It's been a great run, and we'd like to say thanks to all the guys (and girls) that have kept us going. You toon addicts are truly the reason CartoonChaos still stands. Five years is a long run by any measure, and for a torrenting community on the net, you could say it's been a millenium. So, as we go into our 5th year, it's time to 'spruce' things up a bit, you know, "Blow the cobwebs out" so to speak, and get off auto-pilot. We built this community, it's like no other, let's make sure it stays healthy.

It is in this spirit, that beginning with this announcement, you'll likely be seeing changes and improvements being made here, there and all over the site as we get our new 'paint' on. We would also love to have your thoughts, opinions and input as well. Might even need a new hand or two on board to help out (wink, wink). Post any thoughts or suggestions you might have to this forum thread -->
http://www.cartoonchaos.org/index.php?page=modules&module=Forums&action=viewto pic&topicid=2792.msg17922#msg17922 (yeah, that forum, over there in that top left block. you know the one you haven't posted in for like years now ) Don't leave us hanging, all suggestions are appreciated.

Keep an eye here and in the forum for more info over the coming days and weeks. We got our first 5 under our belt, the next 5 oughtta be cake!