Ex-BG Forums and Torrents - As of right now, new threads cannot be made in the Ex-BG forum. You are more than welcome to still post in threads there but over the next week we will be integrating those posts into the rest of the forum. You are GGn'ers now! Integrate, don't segregate. We also ask that no one upload any more torrents into the Ex-BG categories. While it is still technically possible, all new uploads will be removed. We feel there has been plenty of time for people to finish their downloads and as all of BG's torrents are now publically tracked, even if you have not finished a download yet, you still have other options. We ask that everyone please come join in the effort to split up the many packs in the Ex-BG forum and help upload all of the individual games! It will only make the site better and it will help you level up through the ranks of our achievements system! If you still have a pack of games that is not on site and you feel it would be a worthwhile addition but don't have the time to do it on your own, make a post in the Projects forum and see if you can pull together some members to help you with splitting it up. Staff can then approve pack uploads for projects on a case-by-case basis.