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    Tehconnection : News

    Now that the dust has settled on our hardware upgrades and we have ironed out the last of the critical bugs we need to catch up on some of the other changes that have occurred.

    Firstly, we'd like to issue a belated welcome to
    UrbanCoyote as the newest member of our moderation team. He has been a great addition to the team so far and would appreciate your freshest welcome PMs (sick beatz would be a bonus)

    Another welcome, this time
    adashi510 to the DoT team. He has asked all his welcome PMs to be forwarded to elwood because he does not have time to read them all and elwood makes a great receptionist.

    We also have a small list of bug fixes we'd like to announce as fixed. A huge shout out goes to hwkns & GLaDOSDan for their tireless efforts on this.


    - Chrome HTTPS bug (YouTube trailers should now work in Chrome!)
    - Keyboard tab index (Press tab. You can get to all of the search boxes easily/lazily now!)
    - Permissions bug in the Wiki.
    - Search by IMDb number (Paste IMDb URL into search)
    - Link bug in reviews code.
    - Fixed error message given to disabled members and added Mibbit link for disabled members so connecting to IRC support is super easy!

    I'd also like to plug my very own
    project again. I'm pretty excited that it is complete and wish to thank all of the uploaders and encoders who made this possible.

    That is all for now, folks!

    /*TC Team*/

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    Thanks for the news.

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