Feb-04-13 - Whats going on with stoi and donations
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up as to what is going on with stoi.

Stoi has had no PC for 3 months. It wont boot/POST and he is unable to fix it. He apologizes to all the donors who have made a donation and havent been credited or werent credited with donor status in a timely manner. Like I stated in the previous announcement regarding paypal, you can PM me directly if you have made a donation but have not been credited. In regards to donations and what donation options are available... if you are confused as to what method would be best or have any questions regarding donations please PM me on site or on the forum and I will get you sorted. As it stands right now some of our donations (disregarding paypal) are tied up in other accounts such as skrill and flattr. The problem with these at this point in time is that we have to transfer the money back to a bank account, then transfer the funds to a new paypal account, and then pay the server bill that way. This unfortunately will take about a week, so if you would like to donate please PM myself directly.