We've finished a complete overhaul of the Request system. While the basic design looks similar, we had to do a lot of re-coding as the old system sucked. In this process we also implemented pretty much all the suggestions that users have made over the years in terms of the request system. This includes:

- Making requests easily sortable
- Integrating IMDb into requests and requiring an IMDb link when you make a new request
- Preventing duplicate requests
- Giving users the option to make a request anonymously
- Giving you the option to view requests that you've voted on
- Adding a "bounty" system that allows you to add bonus points to your request

One big thing we also added was requiring users to spend a small amount of bonus points when making a request (100), and also giving users an option to place a bonus point bounty on requests. This bounty is given to the request filler as an added incentive to fill the request. One future change we will be looking into is possibly allowing other users to add to the bounty on your request.

We hope everyone appreciates the massive amount of time that went into these changes and how much they improve the function of our site. We encourage everyone to check out the new system, and encourage all Power Users and above to give it a try (since only PU+ can make requests). We might look into changing this in the future so that those in the User class can also make requests.

Please keep in mind that voting on a request will add 25 bonus points automatically to the request! These 25 points are not taken from your bonus points, but are "free" points added by the system. So get voting!