Request Competition

This is a content competition but it's not like the others. While this competition is active anytime you upload a request provided it follows the rules stated below you will earn 25,000BP. This month if you upload just one request you have a chance at 1,000,000BP!!! Did I forget to mention that the person with the most requests filled will win a $50 iTunes card plus the prize listed below!!!

1) Any requests filled that were created after February 1st 2013 will not count for this competition.
2) Must include a link to the request you filled.
3) When filling a request it must be what the person has specified. Normal rules apply, anyone caught filling requests without the content specified in the request risks being disqualified and warned.
4) All
uploading rules still apply.
5)Any filled request found unfilled and refilled during this competition will not count.

1st) $50 iTunes Gift Card & 30 day SeedMyBox seedbox ALSO 5,000,000BP!!!
2nd) A 30 day
SeedMyBox seedbox & 3,000,000BP!!
3rd) A 30 day
seedbox & 1,500,000BP!
4th) 750,000BP
5th) 500,000BP

Upon your first upload your name will be added to a txt file, at the end of the competition a name will be picked from the txt file via $read(names.txt) this is done through mIRC & it's completely random.

Starts: February 1st 2013
Finishes: February 28th 2013