Hello AB,
The site has now been down for a week. As a reasonably large site, this is a pretty terrible thing. We'd like to take the time to profusely apologize to everyone about this, and explain what exactly happened.
Takkun, one of our sysops, was in a car accident and has been in the hospital for the past ~1.5 weeks. However, he was the only one who could pay for one of the key servers that keep us running. It just so happened that a payment term ended right after he went into the hospital, and thus the database server expired. After some issues with the provider, that server and its data was completely lost.
In a great lack of foresight, our latest database backup was made at the end of December, and all the data between now and then has been irrecoverably lost. We apologize greatly for this. There are some changes that we will be making to our management processes to prevent this from happening again.
We'll be setting up a proper backup (and replication) system for the database, so that a loss of data at this scale won't ever happen again. We'll also share more vital information within the staff, so that we're not totally dependent on a single person.
Takkun will be departing from us, not because of what happened, but because of what made it happen. He will focus on getting healthy again, and not have to worry about AnimeBytes being up or down. Tomte will, within time, also step down from his role to focus on his personal life. Because of this, we will be accepting new staff who wish to help AB grow and prosper. A separate newspost will be created at that time with details about the process.
As for any uploads or invites you've lost, we'll be taking care of that in a day or so. First we've gotta get the technical stuff straightened out. Also, note that if any torrents you're seeding got pruned, just keep seeding them and they'll automatically be unpruned.
Once again, sorry, and thank you for your continued trust in us.
AB staff