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    Sep 2012
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    simple Give aways

    • underground-gamer
    • datascene
    • hd86.org
    • tv-scene
    • theempire.bz
    • gormogon
    • bit-hdtv
    • xider
    • scenefz
    • u-torrents
    • bitseed
    • bitspyder
    • fileList

    Requirements :
    • Hit thanks & add REP
    • Apply here mentioning why do you need this.
    • Don't pm me, I will pm you.
    • Promise me to follow the rules and be active member.
    • Please don't forget to add + feedback after receiving invite.
    Good Luck Everyone

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    Nov 2012
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    Awsssssssssm Giveaway mohamed12..

    Buddy ive been always looking for an invite to hd86.org...

    I believe hd86.org is the best place for the LATEST HD Movies, and since im big fan of HD material..

    I surely am applying for this on personal use basis...

    Hope to hear from you mate!

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    Oct 2012
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    Nice.GA mohamed12

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    Feb 2013
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    i need an invite for bitspyder as iam medical student and iam goung to have MRCOG Part 1 and i need many medical books and videos, thanks for your offer.Promise to follow rules and be active member.

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    Feb 2013
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    Nice Ga.
    I apply datascene.
    I read about it and discover that is a great romania tracker well organized and with some contents that you wount find in other general trackers.
    People from their forum are great and comunicative and speed would be fine with my romania seedbox.

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