More on the ban of Deluge client

As soon as Deluge was added to the banned client list on Monday, we've already detected some altered version of Deluge. Cheating activities like these will NOT be tolerated.

While we are working on better procedures and ways to filter out these cheaters, you may help to identify and report them too. For those of you who use Utorrent may inspect your connected client list for any Utorrent client with the label "[FAKE]" in front of it. You should then send the name of torrent you're downloading, the cheater's IP or just a screenshot to emuleed2k. Every valid report will earn you 2000 bonus point in return.

Help to keep the cheaters away. You can play a part, too.

Also, we will conduct random check on ex-deluge users. Your full cooperation and understanding in this matter is much appreciated.