Alot of people seem to be having trouble getting out of kitty litter or dont know why they were demoted into kitty litter etc. Staff are pretty tired of answering these questions over and over again and it really isnt anyones fault. The userdetails page with the icons is convoluted and sometimes hard to read. Also if you have alot of torrents in your history, finding every hnr can be a hassle and we understand that.

To help alleviate the issue I have created a new file for you all to use that will list all of your seeded and unseeded hnrs. It will also contain the ratio of the torrent, how much you downloaded or uploaded, a direct download link, as well as a link to the torrents details page.

You can view the page at https://www.blackcat...r_list.php?uid=

uid is your unique userid. You can find this by going to your details page. It is just a number.

The hit and runs are split into two separate for seeded hnrs and the other for unseeded. Hope this helps you all out and I will be adding links to your profiles and the themes within the next few days as well as adding paranoia to the file.

Cheers. //regs