Userclasses Alterations.
Userclasses have now been changed slightly.

Now instead of having to have the Upload + the forum posts to gain promotion you can have one or the other.

We felt it unfair to force people to take part in the forums should they not want to. It also gives those that do not have the Upload capacity to seed hundreds of GB's a chance to progress through giving to the community in another way.

We hope these changes are for the best

this is how they now stand.

  • Newbie - The default of all new users
  • Active Member - 100GB Upload or 50 Forum Posts + 2 weeks Membership.
  • Family Member - 500GB Upload or 250 Forum Posts + 12 weeks Membership.
  • Elite - 1.5TB (1500GB) Upload or 750 Forum Posts + 1 Year Membership.
  • TorrentShack Addict - 4TB (4000GB) Upload or1,500 Forum Posts + 1.5 years Membership.