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Thread: [FTN] Request

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    [FTN] Request

    I really wanna join this tracker since 2008 , I want a ratioless tracker with a good content and a high level it's one of my dreams . I can provide alot of proofs , seedbox proofs and speedtests.

    I seed for a very long time I have files from 2010 on the utorrent!

    So anyone could help me to get in?!

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    wisshing you very best of luck mate.

    You have been awesome.I hope some good users in here invite you to FTN.

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    Yes, I see too many comments that it is very difficult, it is rare and no one will give it. Common man the world runs on hope.

    Do not have negative thoughts . If someone feels GarethEmery deserves then the person will surely give it.

    Best of luck GarethEmery. I am sure you will get it.

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