PHD team was established nearly two years, released nearly 2,000 movies, TV shows, 300 LPG cumulative work capacity has more than 10T. Although small and medium-sized video download ring a little fame, Thanks to everyone love, the accumulation of the number of loyal users; but at the same time, the PHD team works downloads are not satisfactory, a lot of work off growing species.

In order to promote the better development of the PHD group, decided after consultation with the number of administrators of internal to external to open donated channel hope that the love and support for users of the PHD team to be able to contribute to the development of the PHD!

Based on how many received donations, we intend to use the funds for the following (by priority from high to low order):

Lease overseas server, open forum;
Rental FTP server for storage and transit the PHD group of works;
Group related to the promotion and publicity;
Purchase prizes, and organizing activities;
An award suppress group members for outstanding work.

The donation is entirely the PHD team's behavior, I donated some sites in exchange for magic / upload / VIP disguised trading behavior did not have a good impression, so the donation will be a full donation behavior does not have any special incentives and privileges. But every one of our users will be our mind, we solemnly promise that we will cherish and proper use of all donated every penny!