New themes and site design
I tried this a few months ago and it failed miserably so I will try again (someone did PM me who was a designer but I deleted his PM by accident ). The only thing this site lacks is an up to date design. We have much more content than any other gaming site and now we only need a kick ass design. If I had the time to teach myself all that is required to do this I would but sadly I dont. With the constant bug fixes and new things I have been adding/want to add to the site, time is just something I dont have right now. I am reaching out to the members here to come up with new designs for the site. The designs must work with all our features including the details page with the ajax tabs and themeroller jquery.

We are only looking for serious designers. You should have knowledge of CSS, html, photoshop (or other programs) and some PHP. Those who show me their new designs and if they are up to par will be made a VIP on site. VIP class doesn't get demoted, more torrents gain SP, more download slots and you also cant be pruned (dont mistake this for allowing you to hit and run, I can still demote manually or change it). In addition I will award each of you 500GB of credit and you would obviously get the recognition you deserve. If we get some new site layouts and themes that really blow me and the staff away we might also consider making a new staff class for designers who will be in charge of the constant upkeep of the themes and the overall appearance of the site.

Our current themes are based off of torrentstrike but to be honest I dont care what you use as long as it works with all the site features and is fluid.

I hope to see what some of you can do. This is going to be my last attempt at this so I hope it isnt wasted.