Hello Dear Patonians,

We're absolutely proud to announce our 8th birthday! Starting in late 2005, we are committed to deliver the finest Scene Audio Torrents and we’re still going strong. To celebrate our 8th year, we are also giving away 10gbs of uploaded credits to all users regardless of their user classes or account stats.

Thank you all for your help to keep this site at it's best.

The past year has been a hectic year for us and some things have not gone to plan. We have had some obstacles on the road that were not planned for, but we have had good things happen too! We have upgraded our server and we will be moving our server by next week to a much better, faster server, we’ve implemented some extra security and we fixed a number of bugs in the site code and we’re ever improving the site so that it functions well and looks and feels better(new themes coming soon).
The Staff will have more news in the near future however, stay tuned!

By the way, we’re always improving the site as we go along so there will be a few rule(s) changes starting from today all for the benefit of PAT and it would be a good idea to keep an eye on the news section of the site to see the changes in place from time to time.
We’ll still announce them as we update them so you will not be left alone in the dark.

Everything was not possible without your support! A special thanks to all the staff, uploaders that are continuously providing their time and effort to make the site a better place. Also I’d like to thank those of you who have donated to us for their financial support. Without them, the site would not be here today. As you already now we're totally `advertisement free` to provide you with the best experience without any annoying adverts. We have certainly tried to keep hold on to our prestige in being the number one tracker for audio making software. We are counting on your support even more and we like to thank you in advance for any contribution!

We as the Proaudiotorrents Staff like to thank all the people who made this possible.

Thanks to the staff , the donors and most off all the members who we work hard for.

My special thanks goes to all our staff members especially rhodes75(our forum ninja),
billco(thanks for taking care of the donation scripts for us, I appreciate it mate)
Thanks to all our staff members for all their help and efforts, thank you guys.

A special thanks goes to our beloved admin `Logic` who has just been promoted toa well- deserved
`SysOP `status just now so remember to give him the applause for the promotion Thank you for all your hard work mate and for been next to me all along.

Our staff is doing their best to treat you guys as fair as possible at all times so please but please show them your respect and be kind towards them whenever you can and you would have no troubles in PAT.

Our biggest thanks goes to the people who keeps us on-line and believes in us.

We'd also like to show our appreciation to those who made it possible to try the software and it seems that the community is growing solid and strong and changing for the better. We sincerely thank all the release groups and talented crackers who spent countless hours with their efforts and help make it possible and available to the community. keep up the good work guys a big THANK YOU goes your way.

Finally, let's not forget to support those who actually develop the software in the first place without whom there would not be any goodies at all so please remember to buy the software you use and try to help their developers who are actually human beings trying to survive like all of us! Especially if you're making money with the music you do.

We will as usual do our best to maintain the site at it's best and keep trying to enhance it's functionality and bring in new useful features for our users.

Thank you all, who made it possible so far.

Kind regards,