Donate $50 for lifetime V.I.P. that is 50% off the normal $100 price

Benefits of Lifetime V.I.P. include

1 TB upload credit.
Minimum seed time required = 12 hours Reduced from the 48 hours of other members
Can upload at HD-MKV
Invites: 15 on donation and 3 every 3 months.
500,000 Bonus points
Gold Ribbon next to your name in RED
Access to V.I.P. forums and invite section of forums
See upcoming encodes from mkvrg in internal encode forums

Just donate $50 USD here:
hdmkv .::. Index->Donate
I will manually upgrade your account to Lifetime V.I.P.

Note: Please select upload credit on donation this will help to prevent the lifetime V.I.P. from time expiring

The donations will count toward the site wide free leech goal for the month of MAY