Over the years, we have had many request from members to change their username. As it takes a bit of manual work we have never allowed it. In a desire to bring you, our members, as much functions/options we can, we have worked out a process for you to change your username at a charge of 10 dollars.

In the next day or two, we will be posting in the promo forum, the double up promo. Within this promo, is a separate option for any user to have a username change. Once you process your paypal payment, you would then go to the helpdesk and create a help desk ticket, advising of the new user name you wish to have. If it is not already taken, its yours. Once you post the ticket and you then later try to login and you cannot, you would then know that your username change has taken place and you should login with your new name. If I found the username was already taken, I will send you a pm to notify you that it's already taken. If you can login and haven't recieved a pm, i just haven't made it to your help desk ticket/post yet, so just hold on.