Dear IPTorrents graphics designers

It has come time for the site to have a bit of a face lift. the site as we know it now is amazing but it has come time to give her a little change,

We are looking to add themes to your account profiles so they can be selected manually by yourselves and we are looking for more than 1. these themes need to be of the highest quality and cover every aspect and change on the site, from buttons to banner

The Coder requires allot for this but in return is offering allot. Each user chosen will be rewarded immensely, he offers $100 for each theme, 500GB added to your account, and 2 months V.I.P status. Acceptable formats for posting previews are to be .TIFF or .PNG ONLY as these are higher quality formats. You do not need to know any css or coding, images and ideas are what we need, all coding will be done by the site owner/coder.

Main theme thread :-

Discussions thread :-

Stop in if you are an artist or just have an idea for what you would like to see, the more ideas the easier it is for the Artists to design. Keep the discussion to the discussions thread, and the main thread for Images and Themes only.