Comedies UploadCompetition


DVDRrip/BDRip upload = 2 points
720p movie = 4 points
1080p movie = 6 points

But, that's not all. We have also decided to add in a perma-seeding bonus for those who like to seed like it's their job.
For the first interval, you will receive a 1.25x points bonus on your upload. Perma-seed interval 2 will receive 2x points bonus.
Perma-seed interval 3 will receive 3x points bonus.
Ex. If you perma-seed interval 3 on a 720p movie, you will receive 12 points (3 points for the movie upload x 4 (for the perma-seed interval bonus)).

We are trying to improve our movie database, so our goal is to get as much as possible movies BUT they should stay seeded for a long time,
it's not a point to upload 300 movies and after the competition ends just let them die, or delete them from your PC/seedbox,
try to upload some movies and seed them as long as possible, better less movies but seeded for a long time (forever  ) then 500 movies just for the comp and then let them die, there is no point.

Be very carefull with our *Trumping & Dumping Rules* (check uploading rules )


1. 1 Million cash 3 invites + class promotion (you will be promoted one class higher then you are at that moment, if you are already at the highest user class then you obviously won't be promoted further)

2. 750k cash and 2 invites

3. 500k cash and 1 invite

Competition will end at 20.4.2013. 

List your torrents in this thread.

Good luck.